Who I am

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My name is Stefano Burchi. I am a player, a creator, I have a passion for games and a I am a popularizer of role-playing games. I support the Mammut RPG manifesto.

I’m the author of  “One-night stand” (finalist of the 200 word RPG challenge, 2017 edition) and of  “Stonewall 1969 – A war story” (Italian only), now in a state of advanced developing. 

I attend RPG conventions (I am among the organizers of IndieCON -Italian only-), events and conferences to talk about role-playing games and to facilitate game tables. I propose, in words and deeds, a play culture made of sharing, dialogue, inclusion and respect. I am particularly interested in games that talk about relationships, in the social aspects of play, in security management and in the use of empathy and emotions as tools for personal growth.